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I Help Entrepreneurs Accelerate Their Business, Income, and Lifestyle to the Next Level!

Over the past 5 years, Gerald Bass Creator & Founder Of
The Rise Of The O%E and his team have been helping some of the sharpest Black Entrepreneurs on the Planet grow & scale extremely profitable Coaching. Consulting Service-Businesses.

Just imagine, customers overflowing into your business, your Revenue skyrocket, cash in your Business checking account accumulating, and being able to expand your team and operations to the next level.

That’s what most DREAM about, but cease to ever accomplish...

After servicing over 100+ Clients.

Gerald noticed a pattern of why most coaches, consultants, and service based businesses can't scale online and he distilled it down to 3 key things:

1.) Outdated Ways Of Marketing - A lot of coaches, consultants, and service based businesses believe that billboard, tv, and radio are still the surefire ways to get a steady flow of clients for their business but these ways aren't as affective as they once were. Plus they aren't as targeted nor as cost efficient as using online mediums today.

2.) System - No systems in place to consistently generate quailifed leads.

Without these systems business owners are gambling with their success worse than a drunken bet at Las Vegas craps table.
Business owners need to have a system in place to be able to consistently generate qualified leads that will convert into paying customers daily for their business.

3.) Predictability - No predictable sales process.

Business owners should be able to get traffic, leads, and customers daily with predictability.
A lot of business owners depend on random acts of marketing when it comes to online such as posting all day on social media pages, and in groups all day.
The way to really scale a coaching, consulting, and service based business online is having advertising strategies in place that are predictable.

Now, if you're facing any of these issues, I have good news!
These are completely avoidable and reversible if you just have the right process.

At The Rise Of The O%E Gerald & his team are client-obsessed helping black entrepreneurs succeed by filling in these gaps.
The Rise Of The O%E 1st priority is their clients and the fastest, most predictable and cost-efficient way possible to help them grow.
Our hygiene standard is to help our client make at least an extra $20K-$50K/mo their 1st year.

We've spent the last 5 years dialing in a process that just works!

Don't take my word for it — check out our Case Studies below from our successful Clients.

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It is a pleasure to have Gerald as a  Success Profiles Magazine contributor!

Brian K. Wright

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