Are you a business owner? If you are, let me ask you this…. do you have an email list? I only ask that because if you don’t, you are shooting yourself in the foot. If anything was to every happen in your business, especially in a Network Marketing business, and you DON’t have a list…. it’s going to be hard starting back over.
So I know you’re probably wondering, how the heck do I build an email list. Well, one of those ways is to create a Landing Page aka a Capture Page. This is a page where you “capture” all the names & emails of people who “land” (see how it’s all tying together) on your page. Here’s an example of a landing page below:


And honestly, if you don’t have a Landing Page, you don’t really have a business. I learned that a long time ago & have taken this practice with me in every business I’ve been a part of.
Do you have one? If not, here’s 2 reasons why it can actually be hurting you:

How Can You Follow-Up  With Your Leads?

If you don’t have a page that is capturing their information, how are you following up with them? Obviously, if you send them straight to your website, you can follow-up. But what if someone came across it another way… how could you follow up? The great thing about a Landing Page is you can OFFER them something (most the time free) of value to make them want to give their name & email. So now that you’ve captured that, you are able to not only follow-up with them but also SELL them on the back end. Pretty cool right? Here’s an example of me giving away something for free in exchange for their name & email that got me a TON of leads:

screenshot-69Free Webinar Landing Page

You Cannot Qualify Your Leads

So hypothetically, say 1000 people came to your website and you got their names… how do you know if they are worth your time? The beauty about a landing page is it allows you to QUALIFY your leads. Anybody can come to your website & put their name/info for “more information,”but, are they really worth your time. With a landing page you can use an email auto-responder (we use A-weber, try it free for 30 days here) to set up an email series that goes out on AUTO-PILOT and at the end of the series, you can sell them whatever your product is. It can even be having them sign up for a free 30-minute call, but, the beauty is if they buy into whatever it is  you’re offering, they can be made into a long time buyer. Here is an example of a 5-day email series I send on auto-pilot through one of my landing pages:
screenshot-66 I offer them a Free 30-Minute consultation on Day 5
To be honest, the days of sending people straight to your website are obsolete. If you don’t have a landing page to capture those names & email, humbling speaking, you might as well not have a business. But, I’ve come to learn that most people have no idea how to create a landing page. Some people have never heard or even seen one! So, I feel it is my duty share this message of how not having a landing page is hurting your business and showing you the ones that can help GROW your business.
So this Thursday, Nov 17. at 9pm EST, I am going to be hosting an 100{9c07b6efe7cbd1d52fea14c4565a33236322ca35bce86e7ebdfaac3636adbd59} Free workshop on how to Discover the Exact Landing Page(s) You Need to Use that Will Help You Generate 20-30 High-Quality Leads in 7 Days or Less for Your Business.”  These landing pages are the exact ones I have used to generate (literally) 30 leads high-quality leads in a week! I’ll show you how to create the landing page(or lead magnet), how to properly market it, & the exact ones I used to generate those leads. All you have to do is register at this link:
But, of course, there is always a catch… I only have (less than) 100 spots on this workshop. So make sure you reserve your spot ASAP because they always fill up because quite frankly… it’s good information, for FREE.
As always, feel free to share this with anyone you feel may benefit & comment below. I look forward to helping you create a successful landing page!
To Your Success,