In an article I read in Forbes it said, “9 out of 10 startups fail.” Why is that? In my opinion, many small businesses start out trying to be the best at everything. And the truth is that it’s almost impossible to do this. Not trying to burst your bubble… just being realistic.
The real key to having a successful small business is finding and choosing a niche. By doing that, you can avoid one of the most common mistakes majority of small business owners make: going too broad with their store’s products’ and market appeal.
Let’s talk about the 3 reasons why choosing a niche is the key to having a successful business:

It Makes You Different


Think about it this way, there are 100’s of 1000’s of brands out there you have to compete with… what’s going to make you be ahead of the pack? One way to do this is to have a “think big” attitude for your business. Choose that niche and think big & outside the box. Focus on that one thing in your niche that is going to set you apart because when you do, your chances of being like everyone else dramatically drop! Don’t know how to think big? Don’t worry, I can help you with that on a free online workshop I’m hosting this Thursday. Hop on to see what I’m talking about: FREE Niche Workshop

Being Specific Is Easier

For example, say your niche is selling clothing online. Well the clothing industry that you are a part of is a huge industry, but, by finding your niche you can differentiate yourself. For example, You can go as specific to say you “sell women’s clothes.” Or, even more specific, you “sell women’s sweaters.” Or even better, You “sell the softest sweaters for women in the world.” Catching my drift? I will be talking about being more specific in a free online workshop I am hosting. You can join me here==> FREE Niche Workshop

More Online Visibility 

By being different and more specific means better advertising. For example, if you are running Facebook Ads, you can get more detailed with your target audience and show up in the right people’s timeline. That means more sales! Your ultimate goal is to target lower volume search phrases. We can use the “women’s sweaters”example business above. Although it might see far fewer searches… it is performed by people who know exactly what article of clothing they want. That’s why targeting a niche can (and most the time) will result in better sales because shoppers who have narrowed down to your specific item are most likely going to buy.
So, as you can see, choosing a niche is the key to having a successful small business. But, once you choose that niche, it is important that you create the proper product/service and know how to market it. That’s why this Thursday I will be hosting an 100{9c07b6efe7cbd1d52fea14c4565a33236322ca35bce86e7ebdfaac3636adbd59} FREE Workshop on “How to Create a Successful & Highly Profitable Business This Year Even if You Have No Experience.” All you have to do is register here =====> FREE Niche Workshop 
On this workshop I will be going over: how to create a niche & creating a product/service around it, how to create a marketing funnel that will help you start instantly getting traffic, leads, & customers for your business, and how to set “traps” to build a successful business in your niche. But, I do have a limited number of spots so please register ASAP because they ALWAYS fill up…. FREE Niche Workshop
As always, feel free to share this blog & the workshop on your social media and with anyone you feel may benefit. And, feel free to comment below any questions or comments. I’ll See you Thursday.
To Your Success,