You ever been sitting in your thoughts really wondering if you’re supposed to be doing what you are doing right now? Wondering is this the job for you, the relationship for you, the life for you? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. All that means is you are ready to focus on your passion & live the life you deserve.

A little over a year ago, I was in the same shoes, wondering exactly what my passion was. So, I found an exercise that helped me do exactly that. It went through 7 steps on how to pinpoint my passion & eventually turn it into a thriving online business.

Step 1: Pinpoint Your Passion 

This is actually a 5 day exercise. Grab a sheet of paper and on one side write “Passion” and on the other side write “expertise.” Everyday for those 5 days write down 1 passion and 1 expertise.

Step 2: Identify Problems Within your Passion

What are problems that occur within your passion? And what is the solution to fix that problem? If you can identify the problem(s), you can then create a product or service that solves it and allows you to profit!

Step 3: Pick Your Perfect Prospect

This one is simple. If you could imagine your ideal client who would it be?

Step 4: Paint Your Profit Path

Come up with some of extreme value to give away for FREE to your potential customer. What is something that you can give away for free yet give them enough value for them to eventually buy from you?

Step 5: Create a Perpetual Profit Machine

You need to create a system that is automatic. You want to get to a place in your business where everything is automated. Meaning you work less, and make more. There are several tools & resources in place that allow your business to run on complete auto-pilot.

Step 6: Put You a strategic marketing plan In place

You need to have a plan of how you are going to market your business. How are you going to get people to buy your product? How many people do you plan on seeing it daily, weekly, monthly?

Step 7: Print Money

I don’t mean literally go get a printer and make it happen, I mean you have followed these steps up until this point that now you will be making money every single day. It’ll feel like you are printing money or that it’s growing on trees B-)


I followed these steps myself a little over a year ago and I can tell you this, my passion is DEFINITELY making me a profit. Matter of fact, this week alone, I made 5-figures since I pinpoint my passion!
I talked about it a little here but I want to go in more detail on how me following these steps caused me go from making $16k a year to making over $50k a year. So this Thursday, October 27th at 9pm EST. I will be hosting an 100{9c07b6efe7cbd1d52fea14c4565a33236322ca35bce86e7ebdfaac3636adbd59} Free Webinar sharing “How To Turn Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Online Business.” I will give you the exact blueprint on how to turn your passion into a profitable online business. All you simply have to do is follow the link ==> Webinar Link and enter your name & email. Because this is such valuable info, we will only be taking up to 100 people and we are already halfway full so you want to make sure you register immediately.
Feel free to share this blog & webinar with someone you know may benefit & leave a comment below. I look forward to seeing you Thursday at 9pm EST.
To Your Success,