Do you have a Linkedin account? A lot of people call Linkedin “The Facebook of Professionals.” And honestly, I have to agree. If you scroll Linkedin, you will see an array of different professionals. They have headshots for their profile pic (not an animal or a baby), and their profile consists of their professional detailing of their life, including accomplishments & endorsements of their skills. But… that does intimidate some people.
Here you are on this website full of “highly qualified” people with all of their accomplishments displayed for the world to see and you are going to try and pitch them on your product and service… talk about nerve racking! But, my mentor taught me the 3 step system to get over that fear and get 10-20 of those highly qualified professionals as leads for my business.

Step 1: Learn how to properly prospect


This step is VERY important. You don’t want to go spamming every professional on Linkedin you see. You want to be very targeted in who you are speaking to. One of the simplest ways to do this is look at their page and see if what you would be offering would even benefit them.


Step 2: Don’t “Pitch”


This is MAJOR! You don’t want to come off too “salesy” & pushy so much so that people are immediately turned off & don’t even want to hear what you have to offer. So, you find a happy medium. A way to do this is to introduce yourself, acknowledge their time, & get straight to the point. This way you get your offer in up front without wasting your time or theirs.


Step 3: Sort Through the Fluff


Let’s get one thing straight, all business is not good business. Just because you reach out to them and they respond back does NOT mean you should do business with them. As you are going through the correct dialogue with this person & seeing their responses, be very particular on if you should give them your time. If you are prospecting correctly, going through proper dialogue, & they are responding in a manner which you feel is worth your time, do business with them;however, if they are not responding or are hesitant on their answers, move on. You can get 10-20 more leads who are really worth your time.


Me personally, I am a fan of Linkedin. I have gotten several highly qualified leads off the platform, that is… once my mentor taught me the secret. I remember I used to get NO response or anyone even reaching out to me, but now….It’s easily 10-20 A DAY. It actually is simple…
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I will go over with you the EXACT method I use to prospect, the SCRIPT I use to reach out, and how I sort through the not so serious & serious professionals I speak with. But, you have to register to get access to those methods ==> Linkedin Workshop  
One way I sort through the “fluff” is by putting a limit on these type of workshops. So, this particular one only has 40 seats left before I close it off. I only want the serious people who are ready to take their business to the next level. So, if that’s you, make sure you register and reserve your spot as soon as possible…. Linkedin Workshop
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