After all the craziness of the US 2016 Presidential election, I can personally say I’m glad it’s over.


I have been seeing many people in my News Feed who are upset that their preferred choice for president did not win and that their voice (or vote) never really mattered anyway. Although that may be the case in politics, that is not the case in business. In business, what you say and what you create can be the exact solution to someone’s problem. Here are 2 reasons why in business your voice does matter and can help you grow your business:

Reason #1- Your Content You Create Can Change Someone’s Life

What do I mean? I mean the content you are creating & promoting daily may be what someone needed to see or hear in order to grow themselves, personally or business wise. For example, if you create content in the form of inspirational video every day & are promoting it properly to reach your target audience, that can be the push someone needed that day. Or, if you create blog posts about generating leads for your business & you (again) properly promote to your target audience, that can help someone out of lead poverty. So, what you create & how you promote it can not only change someone’s paradigm but, can also allow you to attract more valuable people towards you. People who can eventually lead to customers & clients for your business.

*How This Can Grow Your Business: In the example above, if you are constantly giving out content of inspiration to people & they are following you, you can create a lead magnet for them to go to and collect their information so they become a part of your email list. Now that they trust you, not only can you give them more content on the regular, you are able to sell them on any products you create(such as an inspirational ebook).

Reason #2- How You Promote Can Position You To Be A Leader

For example, there are HUNDREDS of ways to promote your content. One of the most popular being social media. One of my mentors told me, “People don’t go online to buy, they go online to get information,” and I live by that motto. How you promote your content to people is just as important as the content itself. You want to get your content out to the right group of people in order to get your message out correctly and to make sure they receive the information they need to solve their problem. One way I and a lot of other marketers do this is through Facebook Advertising, better known as Paid For Advertising. Although organic marketing is great, paid for advertising can make you a lot more money & get your message out to a lot more people very quickly. If you master such a technique as Facebook Advertising (Paid For Advertising), you can quickly be positioned as a leader in your industry or niche. People will come to you for answers to whatever problem it is you solve and even other “competitors” will look at your work as the bar to reach. Your work & your voice will be what many others strive for.

*How This Can Grow Your Business: Now that you have been positioned as a leader in your industry, you can teach others to do the same. This can be through courses you create, or even through personal coaching. Either way, you have the value that people want, and they will compensate you (many times) nicely because of it. Not to mention, share the value with others who also could benefit.

So as you can see, you may have felt your voice didn’t matter in this election but, it DEFINITELY matters in growing a business. You just need to know how to put everything together so it all makes the most sense(& dollars). And because I want to help you, I want to do something VERY special for you…
This Saturday at11am EST, I’m going to host a 100{9c07b6efe7cbd1d52fea14c4565a33236322ca35bce86e7ebdfaac3636adbd59} FREE (live) streaming workshop on “How to Create & Promote content to help you gain an Endless Number of Ideal Customers & Clients, & More Sales for Your Business.” All you have to do to join is register at this link==> Saturday Special Workshop. This is different than any other workshop I’ve done before because, #1 There will only be a few slides, #2 I will be creating REAL content that I will use for my business. This will be an interactive workshop where I will be showing you exactly how I create & promote my videos, create a Facebook Ad that will generate leads for as little as a penny, show you the automated system I use follow-up with Leads, & share tips from an email marketing expert.
But, as much as I want everyone to hear my voice, I can only accept 100 people. So, you want to make sure you reserve your spot for Saturday and let your voice be heard before it closes and no one hears what you have to say ==> Reserve Your Spot & Be Heard  It’s time you stand up & really feel like your voice really matters, and I want to be the one to show you how.
As always, feel free to share this blog & special workshop with someone you know may benefit & leave a comment below. I look forward to seeing you Saturday at 11am EST.
To Your Success,