We’ve all had that dream right? We woke up in our dream home, with our dream family, and our dream life. We jet off in our dream car to our private jet and fly away to our dream destination…. and then we wake up. We are back at our same house, same job, and same everyday struggles.

The late Napoleon Hill, author of many books but most famous, “Think & Grow Rich” was very adamant on the fact that in order to be rich you have to think rich. This was one the first books I read when I started by business. It completely gave me a paradigm shift and start implementing some of these principles right away. Here are 3 things that I pulled from it that I believe, if you implement, could actually make your dream of becoming wealthy come true.

Wealth Tip 1: Develop a Wealth Mindset

In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich he says, “When you begin to think and grow rich, you will observe that riches begin with a state of mind.” In order for you to become wealthy, you must believe you can be wealthy. A lot of people have a negative connotation on wealth based on past life experiences. Things you can do to help change that mindset is say declarations (or affirmations) every morning. Try saying these… “I DECLARE I deserve success, I DECLARE I am worthy, I DECLARE I am wealthy. Say those every morning in the mirror until you believe it.

Wealth Tip #2: Actions Must Follow Your Words

Having positive declarations about your goals is a good start, but ultimately means nothing if they are not followed through with action. As Napoleon Hill states in Chapter 8 of his book Think and Grow Rich, “Procrastination, the opposite of decision, is a common enemy which practically every man must conquer.” Many people tend to delay putting their plans into motion for various reasons, whether it be second-guessing themselves or being wary of an unexpected future. Instead, try following the mindset of Henry Ford, where one of his best qualities was his habit of reaching decisions quickly and definitely, and changing them slowly. You can change and tweak your plans over time, you don’t have to have all the right answers right away. But you have to put them to the test first before you can even know whether or not they were the right call. Learning how to take risks and learning from them is a key component toward reaching your goal of wealth.

Wealth Tip #3: Have a Strong Desire & Be Persistent

The Merriam-Webster definition of persistent is “continuing to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop.” This is exactly what Napoleon Hill talks about in Chapter 9 of his book Think and Grow Rich. Once you develop the mindset and decide to take action, you must now be persistent in your efforts. The reason Henry Ford was successful was because he got in the HABIT of being persistent. You cannot give up at the first sign of opposition or I can almost guarantee you will never reach the level of success you desire. Desire and Persistence go hand in hand. If you have a weak desire to create or accumulate wealth, you most likely will have weak results when it comes to execution. You must develop a strong desire for wealth so that when you are faced with opposition you will push through it (persistence) no matter what.

I truly believe that by applying these simple steps everyday, you will begin to accumulate the wealth you’ve always desired. Yes, it’s going to be hard, but that’s why you must develop the mindset, take action, and be persistent on your dreams and goals. One of my mentors said “If you aren’t reading you aren’t growing, and if you aren’t growing you’ll never reach your desired destination.” So my question to you is what are you reading? Matter a fact, what are the last THREE books you read? It is a fact, it is been stated that the average person only reads 2 books from the time they graduate high school until the time they die. Crazy right?! Lucky for you, I want to change that for you. I have an online community that offers MANY different benefits for entrepreneurs, business owners, & big thinkers (Check it out here), but one of the most exciting benefits in our Book Club.

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